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Re: Fencers
Author: Sara 
Date:   03-23-15 13:23

The Tape is showing wear. The Wire filaments are they in contact? When testing the energizer for output. Is it still connected to the fence? In order to test the energizer follow these steps:

Troubleshooting Electric Fences
Is it the energizer or the fence
that’s the problem?
To check—turn off the energizer.
Then disconnect the wires going to
the fence and ground rod system.
Turn the energizer back on.
Then measure the voltage between
the 2 terminals (fence and earth)
on the energizer with a digital
fence voltmeter or other fence
testing device (place a probe onto
the “-” earth terminal and a probe
onto the “+” fence terminal).
If the tester reads less than 4000
volts, the energizer (or possibly the
battery if it’s a battery energizer) is
the problem.
If the tester reads more than 4000
volts, the fence is the problem and
the energizer is working properly.

The Patriot P10 would work for your fence. Usually The 2.5 for us is the total fence one time around. Depending on the animal you are fencing in.

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