Installing a comb & cutter to Premier 4000s shear head

Shearing machines are used for the rapid removal of fleece, fiber and hair. They use combs and cutters. Properly installing combs and cutters is critical.  

1. Getting started
Loosen the tension knob so the two forks on the shear head can move freely.

2. Comb attachment
Turn machine over. Loosen the 2 screws. Slide on the comb. You should be able to see the Premier logo on the comb. Tighten both screws just enough to hold the comb in place. (You will securely tighten the screws later.)

3. Cutter attachment
Turn machine back over. Insert the cutter under the forks. Make sure that the 2 conical points of the fork’s outer fingers are embedded into the holes on the outer 2 teeth of the cutter. Then screw the tension knob down against the cutter until light resistance is felt.

4. Setting correct lead
Notice the cutter’s position in relationship to the comb. The cutter should be positioned 1/8” behind the comb bevel. If not, turn the machine over and loosen the comb screws (as explained in step 1) slightly. Adjust comb as needed—by sliding the comb forwards or backwards.

5. Setting correct cutter “throw”
When checking the cutter lead, also make sure that the outside cutter tooth covers no more than 1/2 of the outside tooth of the comb. Adjust the comb left or right to achieve this while also maintaining the correct lead setting of 1/8”.

6. Securing the comb position
Tighten the comb screws very firmly with a proper screwdriver. This cannot be done with an ordinary screwdriver. Once the comb screws are tight the cutters can be replaced by releasing the tension knob.

7. Setting correct final tension
Turn the machine back over and tighten the tension knob down until notable resistance is felt. Then screw it a 1/2 turn more. Apply shearing oil to the comb and cutter. Start the motor. Tweak tension according to blade heat/cutting ability.


See Premier’s video of how to Install a comb and cutter on a Premier 4000s Shearing machine.