Build Your Own Feeders

Why our feeders please…

  • Minimal waste. The panels prevent silage or hay from being pulled into the pen and onto the ground. Goats and sheep must work for each mouthful.
  • Less risk of injury. Entering the pen is not required—so even children can safely feed hay and/or grain.
  • Grain, silage and hay can all be fed in this feeder. Saves space and reduces cost.
  • Save $$. Make your own feeders and use local lumber to do so.
  • Proven. They have been in use across the nation for years—and are now even copied by our competitors, which is the ultimate compliment. Of course, we’ve tweaked and improved the design along the way. (That’s who we are.)

Download PDF Build Your Own Feeders instructions.

Constructing a double sided feeder at Premier from plywood and 2 x 4 lumber.

Single sided feeders are light enough that sheep can slide them. Hence the steel T post at one end.

Close-up of the efforts sheep make to reach every kernel of grain or stem of good hay.