Creep feeding

When building a creep feeding area, use a Creep Gate to prevent ewes from eating the lambs’ feed.

When you are lambing in a barn and want to set up a creep feeding area, hang a Premier Heat Lamp with a 175 Watt Bulb hanging over the pen. The light and heat it provides will attract the lambs to the creep feeding area and they will begin to eat creep feed.

Bucket Teat Unit is used for providing orphan lambs with a source of milk. Starting a lamb as soon as possible on dry feed will help produce the most $$ per lamb.

– by Gordon Shelangoski, Premier Product Consultant

(from Premier’s Feb/Mar 2012 Newsletter)

All internal horizontal and vertical bars can be adjusted to make a larger or smaller opening. White plastic tubes on rods act as rollers spinning freely when larer lambs move through them.