Drenching 1 to 10 animals

Have a small-flock drencher on hand for those times when you only need to worm a few animals.

Premier's Small Flock Drencher. Simply insert nozzle into a container and fill the gun. To control dosage, twist the incremented adjusting nut.

This drencher is especially handy for those times that even after you have wormed your flock or herd, you see a few animals that show signs of parasites, which may be caused by an animal that spit out the drench or just one that you missed. There are also times that you only need to drench a ram.

In any case, having a small drencher on hand will be much easier than dragging out the auto drencher that takes longer to set up and clean than it does to worm a few animals.

by Premier Sales Consultant, Gordon Shelangowski

from Premier’s April/May 2009 Newsletter