Farm preparedness tips

  • Ear and neck tags identify animals and their owners. If an animal wanders away from where it should be, it can much more easily be identified and returned to its owner.
  • An extra roll of electrified netting is useful in case of a downed fence. A small holding pen can be made with the netting to hold wayward animals while the fence is repaired. Keep fencing supplies (posts, wire, rope/twine and insulators) on hand for emergency repairs.
  • Keep on hand a waterproof plastic tote or bucket with lid that contains basic first aid supplies (for both animals and humans) and an emergency contact list. This list should include the veterinarian, backup veterinarian, farrier (horse shoer, if you have horses) and helpful friends/neighbors who can be called for emergency assistance. If someone is taking care of the farm while you’re away, this list can be invaluable.
  • Maintain evacuation plans for both humans and animals in case of fire, floods or other natural disasters.
  • Make sure there is adequate wind protection during extremely cold weather.
  • Always have a supply of fresh clean water and feed available to all livestock.

– by Mandy Farrier, Premier Product Consultant

(from Premier’s Dec 2011/Jan 2012 Newsletter)