How to install electrified netting

It’s easy. Even for new users, it takes less than 10 minutes to go from a roll of out-of-the-box netting to installed net.

Installation steps…

  1. Unroll & unfold the net.
  2. Push in the posts.
  3. Join 2 rolls (as needed).
  4. Install additional support posts (as needed).
  5. Connect energizer and check the voltage.

Complete instructions are included with each of our nets.

Click here to see Premier’s “how-to” netting video.

Download PDF – Netting Installation Instructions

Unrolling and unfolding the net.

Why it’s easy to install

We can understand why those without netting experience might doubt us on this point.
But it’s a product that’s easier to use than it appears—if you follow the instructions (included with each net).
A key to its ease and speed is that it needs little tension—which means small, light posts to carry (they’re built into the net), and are easy to push or step into the soil.

Site preparation

  • Carry roll(s) of netting to proposed fence line.
  • Prepare line by trampling or mowing all vegetation over 4″ tall. If mowing isn’t practical, use a vehicle to make a track. Then install the fence in the track.
  • For longer fences, we put the rolls into the back of a vehicle and lay each roll out as we drive along the intended fence line.

Most common errors…

  • Connecting energizer to the netting. Netting must be properly energized.

    Not energizing it and/or using too small an energizer. Failure is guaranteed if it’s not energized properly.
    Rolling it up like a roll of carpet instead of first folding it up by the posts.
    70% of the nets we receive back from unhappy users are rolled up like a carpet instead of folded—even though our instructions (which include how-to photos) are specific on this point.