How to tag a lamb using Snapp Tags and a Snapp Tag Applicator

Snapp tags are temporary nylon loop tags for lambs.

See Premier’s video on “How to tag a lamb using Snapp Tags and a Snapp Tag applicator.

  1. Snapp tags can be placed into the Snapp tag applicator by folding it in the middle and pushing it into the open jaws with your finger.
  2. Slide the female side into the jaw with the recessed hole. Then you can easily work the male portion into the other jaw of the applicator.
  3. Gently close the applicator to make sure the male and female tags meet.
  4. While gripping the ear firmly at the proposed position of the tag, place the point of the tag in contact with the ear close to your thumb. This allows you to feel the vein therefore avoiding it. Completely close the applicator until the tag is inserted through the ear and the female side of the tag. While still holding the ear, release the applicator and check that the tag is free of the applicator before pulling away.

Tag placement is critical to success!
Tags, especially tags for sheep, must be installed no more than 2 inches from the skull and near the center of the ear.
The opposite extreme (installing too far from the skull) will result in more lost tags as the tissue on the tip of the ear is tender and tears easily.
Be careful to avoid the large vein (shown at right).

Inserting Tags in Cold Weather
Plastic tags (all brands) are much easier to install if they are warm. Why? As the temperature drops below freezing plastic becomes less flexible (more stiff) and forcing the male point of a tag through the female takes many more lbs. of pressure (because the female must expand).
So if you care about your hands it’s a good idea to keep the tags above freezing in very cold weather. It takes very little to do this. One method is to simply store them while tagging in a small bucket, cardboard box or tool box with a lid alongside a sealed pop bottle full of warm water. The warm water will keep both the air and the tags warmer in the container.