Installing clipping blades on a Premier 4000c clipper

Clipping machines are for precision fleece, fiber and hair removal. They use blade sets which must be set up properly.

  1. Premier clipper, without the blade set attached.
  2. Clipper blade set. Top and bottom blades.
  3. Unscrew tension nut/spring (A) from tension bolt (B).
  4. Place blue guide over crank spindle and into slots of head.
  5. Place the bottom blade over the blade guides.
  6. Insert tension bolt (B) through the bottom blade.
  7. Thread tension nut/spring (A) onto tension bolt (B). Hand tighten until spring is fully compressed. Then untighten 2 full turns.
  8. This is how your clipper should look with clipper blades attached.
    Remember: oil the tips of your blades every 2-3 minutes.

See Premier’s video of how to install clipping blades on a Premier 4000c clipper.