Storing the Clipper/Shearer, Blades, Combs & Cutters

Replacement blades are not cheap so it is well worth the time to care for them!


  1. Remove the blades/combs/cutters from the clipper or shearer.
  2. Always clean blades/combs/cutters immediately after use by using a small brush or blowing off any excess dirt or hair. Cover them with oil to reduce the risk of rust. High carbon steel clipper blades will rust overnight. Rust destroys both the edge and the polished surface of the blades.
  3. Store both clipper/shearer and blades away from solvents, chemicals and moisture. Never leave them where they can be damaged by accidental impact. (We offer a storage box and wool felt for the blades and a case for the clippers.)


  • To reproduce the quality of the cutting edge on the clipper blades that came from the factory, a lapping machine must be used. Most other methods are, in our experience, inferior to one degree or another. In addition to producing a cutting edge that won’t last very long, some methods can permanently damage the blades. The most common “culprit” is using the large high speed grinding wheels that are used to sharpen cutters and combs.
  • Who uses lapping machines and who does not? Obviously, Premier does and you can ship them to us. Other firms also use systems/machines that work well.

Do’s and don’ts for shipping blades to Premier (and others).

  1. Do include method of payment (COD, credit card or check), name, return address, daytime phone number and specie of animal for which the blades will be used. If paying by check, please include your social security number or your order will be delayed.
  2. Do keep blade sets as pairs in the box.
  3. Don’t allow the blades to rattle around in the box.
  4. Do wrap them in paper or wool felt to protect them.
  5. Do clean blades in soapy water and cover them lightly with oil or WD40 before shipping. Premier adds a surcharge for cleaning blades that are too dirty.
  6. Do ship dry blades. Blades must be thoroughly dry (no water) before shipping.
  7. Don’t use so much grease or oil that it soaks up the box.

Warning: Clipper blades/cutters/combs that have been sharpened by inferior methods or inexperienced people may be damaged to such an extent that they can never be restored to a satisfactory cutting capability. The same is true of blades that have become too heavily pitted by rust.