Training sheep to electric netting

For electric net to be successful, new sheep should be trained to electric net before sending them out to pasture. This helps create the pain barrier that temporary fence relies on to be effective.

Click here for see Premier’s video on “How to install electric netting”.

One way to train an sheep is to put up the netting inside a permanent area for a day or so. (i.e. a corral). Properly electrify the netting, that means making sure that there’s at least 3000 to 4000 volts on the fence line (use our 5-Light Fence Tester). When the sheep touch the fence they will learn that the netting causes pain and to stay away from it. When you then move them out to the field or timber they should recognize it as a pain barrier and will be less likely to test the fence.

If you do not have a permanent area to train in, install the netting close to home so you can check the fence often to see if any sheep have gotten tangled for the first week. Once they learn it is a pain barrier you should be okay to move the fence where needed.

When netting is first installed, watch new sheep for a couple hours to see how they react to the fence. With any electric fence check it often for any problems.

from Premier’s Oct/Nov 2008 newsletter