Use temporary fencing for first-time rotational grazing

If you are planning to divide pastures for the first time, we strongly recommend using a temporary fence for the first year or two.

See Premier’s “How to install electric netting” video on our website.

This will allow you the chance to adjust the size and shape of the paddocks to fit your sheep, quality/availability of forage and your management skills.

A 3-line fence works for sheep, as long as you are moving the sheep before they become hungry and predators are not a concern. If predators are a problem then electric netting is a better choice.

by Gordon Shelangoski, Premier sales consultant

(taken from Premier’s June/July 2012 Newsletter.)

Temporary ElectroNet 9/35/12. Because it's so easy to install and remove, many move netting weekly, thus reducing the length of net needed to only a limited area instead of an entire pasture.