How to properly take down netting

Properly folded and rolled netting is much easier to use than improperly rolled netting. Here are the basic steps to properly move or store net.

Fold up by picking up each post in sequence with spike ends pointing away from you.

Fold up by picking up each post in sequence. 70% of the nets we receive back from unhappy users are rolled up like a carpet instead of folded first. Perhaps why they disliked it?

After you have it picked up in sections (folds), lay it back on ground, start opposite the posts and roll the folded netting toward the posts. To secure, locate the strings and tie back around.


After you have picked up all posts, lift them up above your head and shake out. Then lay it on the ground to roll. Start at opposite end of where your posts are and roll net up to the posts and tie.

This is a picture of what NOT to do. Never start at the post end—because the spikes will get caught up in the net and you will cover up the tie strings.

This 2 1/2 minute video demonstrates how to take down, fold and roll a length of ElectroNet™.