Meat quality and shelf life

“There is a wealth of information on how to profitably rear and raise sheep and cattle, while the recipe books and articles on cooking meat are endless. There is, however, less information available on issues such as selecting, handling, storing, packaging and presenting meat.Yet these are all critical for optimum quality, food safety, consumer satisfaction and better returns.

This booklet is the first in a series that will look to address these issues in straight forward ways to help those responsible for delivering meat to customers, whether through farm shops and box schemes or other local supply chains.

While drawing on the extensive scientific and technical knowledge that exists, EBLEX’s aim is to provide readable information and guidance on where to get more help.”

John Cross

Chairman EBLEX

Meat quality and shelf life

(EBLEX exists to enhance the profitability and sustainability of the English lamb and beef sectors. It is funded by a statutory check-off paid on all beef and sheep animals slaughtered in or live animals exported from England.)