Improving ewe breeding for Better Returns (EBLEX)

“The breeding ewe is key to any sheep system. However, selecting ewes for your own replacements or to sell to others is no simple task. Potential breeding stock needs to be selected to suit the specific system and the intended markets for its progeny. Thankfully, the challenge of selection is made easier by the availability of a range of Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) which will assist the breeder to select ewes that will complement the long-term aims of the flock. This manual, the ninth produced by EBLEX Ltd’s Sheeps BRP, aims to help you understand the issues that could improve your breeding ewes, and the overall financial performance of your sheep system. From deciding between buying-in or breeding your own replacements, through to the key traits that will affect the marketability of resulting lambs, you are sure to find some useful tips and advice. I hope you find this publication useful. Be sure to try out the strategic pointers which will help you devise the targets that will underpin the profitability of your sheep enterprise and deliver Better Returns.”

-David Raine, Board Member, EBLEX

Improving ewe breeding for Better Returns

EBLEX exists to enhance the profitability and sustainability of the English lamb and beef sectors. It is funded by a statutory check-off paid on all beef and sheep animals slaughtered in or live animals exported from England.