Managing ewes for Better Returns (EBLEX)

“Managing ewes correctly throughout the year is vital for generating the highest possible output from any sheep enterprise. Stocktake figures show that the most profitable flocks rear the highest value of lambs per ewe. It is likely that much of this is down to good ewe management. Ewe body condition score (BCS) is useful for assessing the adequacy of the diet at key stages in the production cycle, such as weaning and tupping. It should be carried out regularly and changes made to management based on the results. This allows any animals in the wrong condition to be managed according to their specific needs. Whether replacements are home-bred or bought-in, the performance, health and welfare of the female breeding stock must be optimised. The role of the breeding males is also vital. Making sure rams are in the best condition to work effectively is key. Good records are essential for monitoring ewe performance. Comparing data year-on-year provides producers with trends on which future action may be taken to improve output. This new manual updates one of the earliest Sheep BRP publications, bringing producers right up-to-date with the latest thinking on how to manage ewes for better returns.”

– Nerys Wright, Assistant Regional Manager, EBLEX

Managing ewes for Better Returns

EBLEX exists to enhance the profitability and sustainability of the English lamb and beef sectors. It is funded by a statutory check-off paid on all beef and sheep animals slaughtered in or live animals exported from England.