Reducing lameness for Better Returns (EBLEX)

“Lameness presents a serious cost to the sheep industry. The estimated losses from footrot alone equate to about £6 a year for every ewe in Great Britain. If you take into account all the other causes of lameness, the total cost to the sector is staggering. It may not be possible to eradicate lameness entirely, but producers who understand the condition and its many and varied causes, can reduce the physical and financial impacts of having lame animals on the farm. There is no one ‘magic’ bullet to cure lameness. Farmers need to devise a strategy to suit their situation and employ a variety of management tools to reduce its effect on their flocks. This updated manual describes in detail the different diseases that cause sheep to go lame. It then outlines a five-point plan to tackle them – including culling persistent offenders, quarantining all incomers and treating affected sheep appropriately. Producers who take a systematic and determined approach to reducing lameness will reap rewards that will generate Better Returns.”

-Chris Lloyd, Industry Development Manager, EBLEX

Reducing lameness for Better Returns

EBLEX exists to enhance the profitability and sustainability of the English lamb and beef sectors. It is funded by a statutory check-off paid on all beef and sheep animals slaughtered in or live animals exported from England.