Sheep Field Day 2017

Miss out on attending Premier’s 2017 Sheep Field Day? Not a problem. You can now view photos and watch the presentations online.

Topics presented included:

  • Lamb quality: What is (and is not) an ideal market lamb, and why.
  • What do lamb buyers (including restaurants, stores and consumers) like and dislike about US and imported lamb as revealed by the American Lamb Board’s extensive nationwide audit.
  • How to succeed (and fail) at growing annual forage crops (rye, turnips, radish) for sheep.
  • Pros and cons of accelerated lambing (lambing more than once per year) illustrated in a 45 minute video of 4 sheep operations in KS, IA, NY and MI.
  • Impact of micro minerals on feeding sheep.
  • Hands-on teaching of critical winter shepherding/lambing skills courtesy of Premier’s 1000 ewes.
  • Lessons learned about Premier’s unique (no drop pen) indoor lambing system.
  • Lessons learned about LAC-TEK’s automatic lamb-rearing machines.

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