All Canada Classic Sheep Show

2015 All Canada Classic
June 24-27, 2015
Canada’s Elite Ram and Ewe Show & Sale


The All Canada Classic is coming to Red River Exhibition Park in Winnipeg, Manitoba from June 24 to 27, 2015. This is the premier event for the Canadian Purebred Sheep Industry and will be hosted by the Manitoba Sheep Association (MSA) in partnership with the Canadian Sheep Breeders Association.

This annual show and sale, which rotates across Canada, will welcome 200 to 300 sheep of all breeds to Winnipeg in 2015. Sheep will be shown and compete within their breed to establish the sale order and allow perspective buyers an opportunity to view the animals. On the closing day, the sheep will be offered for sale
by public auction. At recent sales, consignors, buyers and spectators from coast to coast have been present. It is anticipated that this event will attract approximately 400 attendees with at least 2,000 copies of the annual catalogue being circulated to producers prior to the event. Here is a link to last year’s electronic version of the catalogue for your interest –

The MSA is proud to partner with Red River Exhibition Park in the event planning and sponsorship roles of this unique event.
We look forward to seeing you at the 2015 All Canada Classic next June.
Neil Versavel
Show Chair, MSA


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