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Premier PRS 50 (Solar) Energizer & Kit

  • Higher output
  • Half the cost per joule
  • Vandal and theft resistant
  • Very portable
  • Strong metal case
  • Can sit on the ground
  • Store voltage tester inside


  • 1-0.5 joule low impedance energizer
  • 1-12 amp hour 12v sealed lead acid battery.
  • 1-Wiring harness
  • 1-10-watt solar panel
  • 1-Ground rod
  • 1-Metal carry case
  • If you buy the kit, it comes with all of the above plus a 5-light tester.

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114020 Premier PRS 50 Solar Energizer While supplies last! 0.00 $269.00
114023 Premier PRS 50 Solar Energizer Kit While supplies last! 0.00 $280.50
130808 Replacement - 2-Wire Ins. Wiring Harness for PRS 50 or PRS 100 While supplies last! 0.25 $8.75

How to get your PRS Solar Energizer ready for fencing season

Properly storing energizers and batteries for winter

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PRS 50 Instructions [203 KB]
PRS Troubleshooting & Warranty [579 KB]
Solar Energizer FAQs [529 KB]
Impedance-Wide vs Low [314 KB]

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Common Uses

A solar powered electric fence energizer used to keep out deer, raccoons and rabbits from garden/orchard areas. It is also used to keep in poultry, cattle, sheep, goats, horses, and guard dogs. Effective at protecting against coyotes, stray dogs, bear and fox.



  • 1-Horizont 0.5 joule energizer
  • 1-12 amp hour 12v sealed lead acid battery
  • 1-Wiring harness
  • 1-10-watt solar panel
  • 1-Ground rod
  • 1-Metal carry case
  • If you buy the kit, it comes with all of the above plus a 5-light tester.


  • 0.7 stored joules.
  • 0.5 released joules.
  • 0.42 joules in moist soils.
  • 0.26 joules in dry soils.


  • Requires 1.5' of ground rod in the ground.
  • Draw from a 12v battery is 42 milliampere (mA) per hour. With this energizer a 12v 100 ampere hour, deep cycle battery will last approximately 59 days* on a clean or a weedy fence. *Assumes being drawn down to 40% between recharges.
  • 40 pulses per minute.
  • If properly used and or stored, battery should last 3-4 years.

Should Power...

  • 1 miles of 3 strand cattle fence.
  • 1/2 mile of 5-7 strand sheep fence.
  • 6 164' Sheep/Goat nets or 3 164' Poultry Nets.
All distances are dependent of grass/weed load on the fence.


  • Assembled in house at Premier. We build each unit and test it before it goes out our door. This allows us to know that we are sending you a unit that works.
  • Lowest price for powerful solar units.
  • Can be laid flat on the ground during summer months to make them less visible to the public.
  • To catch the sun's power in winter, simply lean it against a post. If you live in low-sun areas, do this in the late fall and early winter also.
  • All metal case; very strong and rugged.
  • Won't rust. It's aluminum and stainless steel.
  • Light brown exterior reduces its visibility to vandals and reduces heat buildup inside the case.
  • All metal clamps for lid.

How to use

Attach the energizer unit to the battery and it is ready to use. Drive in the ground rod. Lay it on the ground or against a post. Then attach the earth clip to the ground rod and the fence clip to the fence. Switch it on (when switching on, make sure the button is pressed all the way in).

Winter Use

If you're not using your PRS unit during the winter follow these tips to preserve battery life:

  • Turn off the unit. Disconnecting the unit from the fence is not sufficient, the unit will still pulse unless it is turned off.
  • Clean off the solar panel. Dust and debris may have accumulated during use and as a result prevents the panel from maximum electrical production.
  • Before the unit goes into storage, fully charge the unit. This will allow the battery to be topped off. Batteries that are 50% or less charged may become damaged in freezing temperatures.
  • If possible, place the unit in a sunny area, this will allow the solar panel to continuously top-off the battery. The battery will lose charge over time even if the unit is disconnected from the fence and turned off.
  • If you're planning on using your PRS unit during the winter months, follow these helpful hints:

  • Face the energizer due South, this will allow the panel to receive the maximum amount of light possible during the low-light days of winter.
  • Instead of laying the unit on its back, stand up or prop up the unit (facing South) to allow it to receive as much light as possible.
  • Hang the unit up (facing South), secure the top and base to prevent the unit from moving. This will keep the unit out of most snow drifts and allow accumulated snow to fall off.
  • If the unit is not to be hung up, clear all debris off the panel, this includes grass clippings, dust (especially on gravel roads), leaves and snow. Do not place in shady areas, this will reduce light intake.
  • Precautions

    • Make sure the power is turned off before working on the fence or the energizer.
    • Premier is unable to repair broken Patriot Energizer Units.


    To determine if the fault is with the fence or the energizer...

    1. Test the energizer first
    2. Turn off energizer.
    3. Disconnect ground wire and the fence wire.
    4. Turn energizer back on.
    5. With fence tester, put the ground probe (or clamp) to the ground terminal on the energizer and the metal loop (or positive clamp) at the top of the tester to the fence/positive terminal. The reading you get tells you how well the energizer is working without any other variables. If there is a very low voltage (under 4000v) or no voltage, then the energizer may have a problem. If the voltage is high (greater than 4000v) then the trouble lies with your fence. Most energizers put out between 5000v and 8000v when there is no load (i.e. no fence hooked up).

    If the energizer is faulty and you are using the Patriot P5 as a battery unit you need to learn if the battery or the energizer is the problem…

    1. If it's a 12 volt energizer carry the unit to a nearby vehicle and attach the input cords carefully to the vehicle's battery.
    2. If the energizer now works, then your fencer's battery needs to be recharged or replaced.
    3. If the energizer does not work, then you should call Premier re. repairs.
    If the fence is at fault, then you must find the fault(s) and fix them. Here's how to start this process: If you have a Fault Finder you can simply touch the fence with the Fault Finder at various points along the electric fence(s). The Fault Finder will tell you at each point which direction to go in to locate the problem. Move in that direction testing as you go and you will arrive at the problem.
    If you lack a Fault Finder…
    1. Walk or drive along the fence looking for any point in which the energized wires touch the soil, a steel post or a steel wire. On HT wire fences, check the wires at braces to see if they are touching a hot wire. On netting, look for a hot wire touching the metal stake at the bottom of the plastic posts. Also look for damaged insulators.
    2. If the fence can be separated into several parts (by switches or by disconnecting parts of it), you can locate the problem by beginning at the far end and then progressively turn off or disconnect the sections of fence. When the voltage on the remaining fence rises sharply, you've located the section(s) that's causing the problems.
    3. The alternative to (2.) is to begin at the fencer and progressively turn on sections of the fence. When the voltage suddenly drops you can assume that the problem is in the section most recently connected.


    2-Year Warranty--
    It covers lightning damage and defective parts or workmanship. Should a Patriot energizer fail, we will replace the unit, bill you for the cost to do so, then reimburse you after we have been able to examine the failed unit to determine the cause(s).

    Listed below are recommended optional components or related items. Your particular situation may require alternative recommendations. Please call and talk to our consultants if there are any questions at 800-282-6631.
    Item # 132000 - In Stock
    Measures the peak voltage of fence energizers.
    Item # 134100 - In Stock
    Device to indicate the approximate voltage on your electric fence.
    Item # 346000 - Back-ordered
    Expected on 06/12/2015
    Attaches to an electric fence to warn people that the fence is electrified.
    Item # 335500 - In Stock
    For instant in-the-field connections.
    Item # 133500 - In Stock
    3 in 1 tester for fence voltage, intensity of current and fault finder. Indicates which direction a fault (leak) in your fence is located.
    Item # 130808 - While supplies last!
    Use as a replacement wiring harness for the PRS 50 or PRS 100 solar energizer.
    Average Rating: 4.6 out of 5
    Number of Reviews: 43 customers reviewed this product.

    Write a Review

    Low cost for high joules, portable and reliable. We test each unit before it goes out our door to make sure that it will work once it’s in your hands. The 10 watt panel is more than enough to keep the battery charged, even in some low light areas during winter. Most problems occur with folks not taking the plastic terminal covers off before attaching the battery leads to the unit.
    Date: February 24, 2015
    Shanti W from CA
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    Awesome! Ready to go out of the box, very easy to use. Exceeded my expectations.
    Date: February 8, 2015
    Diana R from Ca
    I bought the kit. So far it works great. But my animals and I had to test it ourselves. The tester was not shipped.
    Date: August 4, 2014
    Jeffrey B from North Carolina
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    A little heavy, but great in that all of it is contained in the case. Would prefer that it had a different ground that came with it. Would prefer one that would be easier to put in and take out of the ground as this is for my temporary fence.
    Date: May 6, 2014
    Duane M from North Dakota
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    This is the second charger that I have gotten of this type. The other worked well and was easy to use. I liked the ease of moving it. It makes moving electric netting around a lot easier. I have yet to try out the other one after winter storage. I imagine that it will work just fine.
    Date: February 26, 2014
    Rhonda D from Utah
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    The energizer itself is wonderful. Feels sturdy and well made. Easy to install and works great on my 2 sections of 'poultry net plus'. Save your money on the 'kit' option as the tester is junk which is too bad. It makes you wonder if the other stuff is junk too and you just haven't figured it out yet. A good tester is critical so you aren't fooled in to thinking your fence is not working and it is...
    Date: January 27, 2014
    Mark M from Tennessee
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    I'm new to raising chickens but was recommended Premier 1 Supplies by an experienced friend. It was good advice. This solar unit connected to the Poultry Net has done well protecting my chickens from the local coyotes as well as the neighbor's dogs. Once I set it up I haven't had to do anything to it. Works well.
    Date: September 30, 2013
    gene g from alabama
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    economical and easy fit to the electric fence netting. on the second year with the goats, bought one for the pigs last week sept 20th 2013. the newer one has fixed the over charging problem which would shut the current off when battery charge would reach a maximum. i just covered up about 25% of the solar panel surface and it worked fine.
    Date: August 6, 2013
    Adam H from New Jersey
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    Great product. Solved our bear problem immediately. Helpful customer service. Super fast shipping. Who could ask for anything more? Thank you.
    Date: July 2, 2013
    Linda F from Texas
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    This energizer is the easiest ever to set up. It seems very reliable and consistently gives the full voltage as advertised. I'm a 5'3 older woman with NO electrical background experience and I could carry it around at attach it to fence. Only difficulty for me is putting the ground rod in our hard clay soil, which my husband had to do for me. But that would be the same for any brand.
    Date: June 26, 2013
    Elizabeth F from Washington
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    I ordered the Kit and am delighted with it, even in the rainy Northwest. I hadn't used an electric fence in years, but the directions and the completeness of the case made it easy to set up and check the charge. Works perfectly with my pasture pigs.
    Date: June 23, 2013
    Wendy S from CA
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    Have had Premier1 goat fences for years but always dreaded the task of moving them as I had to re-charge a battery at the house, carry it out to the fence, move the new battery, energizer, etc, etc - this 'suitcase' is a dream come true and absolutely LOVE the solar panel charging it instead of me recharging batteries and wondering when the one on the fence needed to be replaced. So quick and easy to set-up and with the tester I knew it was done right without having to test it on myself. Yay.
    Date: June 10, 2013
    Amy B from North Eastern Kentucky
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    Very easy to set up. Simple instructions. Haven't put animals in fence yet so I don't know how that will work out.
    Date: June 2, 2013
    Susan S from Maryland
    We have had this product for several years and love it! We have used it for a variety of situations with Premieres net fencing, woven braid and tape for dogs, pigs, chickens and horses. It puts out a strong charge, is consistently working and reliable. If I had to complain about anything I wish the wires coming out of the unit had a bit more protection like a flexible sheathing conduit since we move the unit frequently those wires are getting a lot of action and I fear they will pull off or break one day. Otherwise I have a second unit on my personal wish list to double my capacity at my farm.
    Date: May 16, 2013
    Penelope B from colorado
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    It's my first, so I have nothing to compare it with. It's new, so I can't speak to its useful life, but it is working well, and the replace and return policy is not likely to be what it is if these things don't continue to do the job
    Date: April 26, 2013
    Sharon R from cONNECTICUT
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    Being a beekeeper and also a female, fiddling with wires, electrical connections and such is not my normal activity. I had trouble finding all the DETAILED instructions on your webpage to set this up. There should be instructions included right in the solar panel box and also the fencing. Out in the apiary, you would have to take a laptop or an iphone to give you the instructions. That said, it did go up easily and appears to be working fine. A bear has not come by yet to test it.
    Instructions are on the inside of the lid of all PRS units when you open the energizer case —so you always know where they are. :) -- Premier
    Date: April 7, 2013
    Larry H from Texas
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    It is great and works well.I got the PRS 50 Solar Energizer Kit. Very Happy with it,
    Date: January 5, 2013
    Benjamin G from Mid TN
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    Used now for 8 months with one length of Poultry netting. So far no issues and it's even powered through some grass and leafs. I recently added hog netting on the same system and it still doing well.
    Date: January 3, 2013
    Keith B from MA
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    I have had this unit for one year. I manage approximately 200 ft. of electronet fencing with it. It worked wonderfully for the first summer. Come fall, we had some major issues. First and foremost, the LED light on the switch gives up very quickly. I can no longer tell if the unit is on or off visually. Second, connections on the ground and the power (plastic alligator leads) break very easy. I have been through three of them, and I do not treat my equipment roughly. Lastly, the battery that comes with it (Pb acid battery) does not hold up for very long either before it cannot be charged the whole way. I am going to have to do some work on this unit in the spring... but I'm surprised that I have to, and it is less than one year old.
    Date: December 30, 2012
    Richard G from Texas
    Would you recommend this product? No
    Purchased energizer, hooked it up and appeared everything was working ok until it kept shutting off for no reason. Thought I was going crazy because whenever I brought it into the house it worked just fine. When I took it back out into the sun it worked for a second and then would shut off. Figured out myself that if I covered the solor panel it would stay on, but could not figure out why until I read Brandon's post dtd 8/21/12. I agree that it would have been nice to know this was an issue before I bought it and agree there should be an easy fix for this. I would not recommend this product until they fix the overcharge problem and are honest with their customers up front. Bad idea to put your pets behind this if you are not confident it will it will stay on. Also like the post about adjusting the Joules as it does pack a good punch, which I do like.
    We have solved this problem by adding a blocking diode in each unit. If you need one for your existing unit, please call 1-800-282-6631 to order. -- Premier -- Premier
    Date: September 26, 2012
    Lynn R from SE Virginia
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    Just hooked it up yesterday after receiving. Bought the kit with tester in it but that was not shipped---guess it is on BO. Hooked it up to fence and wasn't 100% sure it was working...till my dog went to sniff it with his nose and jumped back 10 feet. Working.
    Very easy to hook up. Might be a bit overkill size-wise for 100 ft of pig fencing but I feel confident it will work as advertised.
    Date: August 21, 2012
    Brandon H from Virginia
    Would you recommend this product? No
    Would not recommend until they fix the solar charging issue. If a new battery and the unit is in strong summer sun for several days then the unit shuts off to prevent the solar panel from overcharging the battery. I called customer service and they said to just cover 2/3 of the panel when the sun is strong to prevent this...??! As an engineer I am SURE there is some way to place a charging dump switch so the panel won't overcharge the battery WITHOUT turning off the fence!!! This information would have been valuable before I relied on it to protect my flock. Now all I have is a bunch of dead chickens and a $$$Charger that I have to manage daily! What a pain!
    We have solved this problem by adding a blocking diode in each unit. If you need one for your existing unit, please call 1-800-282-6631 to order. -- Premier
    Date: August 12, 2012
    Elizabeth W from NY
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    Very easy to set up, very sturdy. It is completely self-contained and the directions are very simple for someone who has never put up an electric fence before. I like that it is portable so I can use it for multiple fenced areas. When I'm done using it around my poultry, I will likely use it make my goats a moveable pasture.
    Date: August 1, 2012
    James H from North Carolina
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    Could not be easier to install/setup. It came with very easy instructions that were correct, no trying to figure out what how it really is installed. High quality case, looks like it will last for years.
    Date: June 29, 2012
    Katharine M from Georgia
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    Very easy to install...even with a husband who refuses to read directions. We hooked it to the Electronet fence and had 9,000 volts consistently on every wire. We are using the PRS 50 to power 50' of 48" tall Electronet fence to keep black bear away from our beehive in the North Georgia Mountains. It has only been installed for a couple of weeks, but so far so good.
    Date: June 8, 2012
    Elizabeth C from SW Virginia
    Would you recommend this product? No
    Worked great the first time we used it. Then it quit, and my animals went through the fence with no problems whatsoever. Spent a lot of time with customer service on the phone, and finally figured out that if you jiggle all the wires and connections, it will work MOST of the time. Don't trust it, though, since ours is a sitation in which we turn it on and off daily. Works great when it works at all.
    Date: June 8, 2012
    Frank P from Ohio
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    We order this via recommendation. It was easy to set up, it came fully charged, and after 10 minutes of work was off and running.

    So far it has done exactly what we expected and wanted it to do. We have had issues in the past with other chargers not keeping their battery's charged. We won't know how this one fares for a month or so, but so far its working perfectly! The goats and sheep however are less than please we hooked it up, as was my wife the time she forgot.
    Date: June 5, 2012
    Allen F from NC
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    So far so good. I just got it and have been using for a few days but it was easy to set up and seems to work great. I love the heavy metal industrial strength case. I compared it to other chargers on the market and for only a few dollars more got a much better case and more joules of zap. I would recommend it over the cheaper solar chargers from the farm stores. I have put lots of money into one of those units repairing and replacing parts.
    Date: May 16, 2012
    Carrie C from Iowa
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    Product ordered was received quite quickly and the customer service is excellent.
    Date: May 11, 2012
    klaudia d from Virginia
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    Came in on time, set up was very easy and took less than 5min. 5 light tester was smashed in the bottom corner, but they offered to fix that right away. Didn't want to wait around or pay for it to be shipped back, so I just used electric tape and it works like a charm. Good, fast customer service, too. =)
    Date: May 7, 2012
    Jerry L from Indiana
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    I think this is a excellent product, works well. The only issue I have is the quality of the instruction. I'm a reader and no instructions were included with my charger, information is available on Priemer's website but I like hard copies.
    The instructions are on a label attached to the inside lid of the energizer case. You will see them when you open up to connect the battery. -- Premier
    Date: April 8, 2012
    Granterra Farm S from Southern Missouri
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    This works great and besides the initial cost is free energy to adequately power your electric fence. It is durable and not too cumbersome to transfer from one place to another. Ours went thru some bad storms and was not harmed at all.
    Date: March 23, 2012
    jeffrey s from Texas
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    This is a great product. This unit is well built and super easy to use. I debated about going with the solar or the plugin model. I am glad I went with the solar because it gives me 100% flexibility where I can move my mobile chicken coups. I have had zero problems and it pumps out the power. I touched the fence with boots on and a wet soil, WOW! Just say it works well. The housing box is great with lots of room to store the tester and extra parts of the fence. My only concern at this point is how well the solar panel will hold up if we get a large hail storm.
    Date: March 19, 2012
    Robin S from Kansas
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    Worth every penny to save your flock, and easy to operate. I would have liked one that I could turn down in joules as running one 100ft fence on all that power can back a punch.. husband touched it without shoes once and it got him good, flock puppy not to happy either.. would like option to turn down during day and high at night... so as of know we are off during day and on at night.
    Date: March 14, 2012
    Jill H from TN
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    Quick shipping and ready for use immediately upon delivery. I have purchased a few of these to use in different areas - all work great.
    Date: March 9, 2012
    Biansa C from Virginia
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    This was simple to set up and ready as soon as I took it out of the box... strong, self-contained, and easy to use; who could ask for more?
    Date: February 23, 2012
    Sarah H from Souderton PA
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    Love the fact I can use free energy, the sun! Worth every penny!
    Date: August 21, 2011
    Richard H from Virginia
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    Love it - very easy to use - highly recommend!
    Date: July 10, 2011
    Edwin M from NC
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    Arrived quickly. Came as advertised. Set-up was easy. Works great. Currently using it to electrify netting around the corn to keep the racoons off.
    Date: June 24, 2011
    Victoria G from Ohio
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    I wanted solar and the Premier PRS 50 does not disappoint. Simple to use - works like a charm.
    Date: June 24, 2011
    Heinrich W from SW Idaho
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    Worked perfectly out of the box. Smooth and fast. The dogs gave it a sniff and away they went never to return. Shipped as ordered. Arrived as expected. My first purchase and I'm going to buy again.
    Date: May 23, 2011
    Laura S from Michigan
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    I cannot speak to the longevity of this product as I only just got it. However, I can say that this Solar Energizer made my electric fence hook-up a breeze. This was my first electric fence installation and I couldn't have been happier with how easy it was to do and how well it worked right from the the start. Love it.
    Date: May 21, 2011
    Cecelia W from CA
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    LOVE IT! Keeps my herd of 15 goats from killing the fruit and nut trees, while they clean up the weeds and lower branches on the pines and cedars [for that nice "deer park" look]. Bought a 2nd unit and more PermaNet, so that we can more easily move them around. The unit is sturdy, well made, well designed, compact, industrial grade, and couldn't be easier to use [shove the battery leads onto the terminals, clip the clamps to the fence and ground, flip the switch on]. My goats are impressed, and I feel like I've finally entered the modern age. Thank you!
    Date: May 15, 2011
    Jeanette W from Iowa
    Would you recommend this product? No
    NEVER ONCE WORKED. Would not even send an impulse through my fence tester. After my frustrating experience with the electronet fence.... I sent the thing back.
    Date: May 9, 2011
    Larry H from South Georgia
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    The PRS 50 Solar charger is a great deal. It works great and very easy setup right out of the box. I am using the charger to charge two of the 164' rolls of poultry netting. We were having a problem with foxes getting into our portable chicken pens. We set up the poultry net, hooked up the charger and have had no more fox problem. The charger delivers a good zap to keep out things you want to keep out and keep in things you want to keep in.
    Date: April 29, 2011
    Nathan K from Middle TN
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    I'm using the PRS 50 to energize 250' of 30" Versanet Plus around a vegetable garden, and it seems to be working perfectly. The case is sturdy and has handled the weather. It's also fairly lightweight and easy to move around. After a sunny day and with reasonably moist soil conditions, I'll read 5300 volts on the mesh. It's only been a few weeks, so I'll have to comment later on the longevity of the unit.
    Date: April 25, 2011
    Natalie S from Northeastern PA
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    I'm so happy I chose solar. No cords to plug in, no batteries to charge or dispose of. Easy set up, strong consistent power, even on the cloudy days. I leave mine out in the rain. It was a little bigger/heavier than I was expecting - like a large briefcase, but that's no problem. I got the kit - ground rod and tester are worth it, electric fence "sign" is just a piece of paper (useless after one rain storm). Love the solar. Highly recommend it.
    The electric fence sign actually comes free with every roll of net. (ElectroNet was on the same order.) It is a light durable plastic. Yellow in color. Will withstand the elements. -- Premier
    Date: August 24, 2010
    Pamela P
    Would you recommend this product? Yes
    Install was easy. I have had it working for 4 days now and it is definitely doing its job!