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4000c clipper
Author: Peter Bowes 
Date:   06-29-14 22:13

I purchased the clippers from you last week. They arrived on 6/27/14. I set up exactly as instructed. But when operational the teeth do not move and the blades do not cut. The motor is running. I set the correct tension on the knob and added oil. On dismantling the blades?, the crank roller has become detached and is loose within the cavity of the clipping head. I reattached the crank roller and tightened, but the above sequence of events occurred again. I tried modifying the degree of tension but it made no difference - i.e. with slightly more or less. I will call you about this problem but wanted to give advance notice in case you have suggestions that I could try first. Peter

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Re: 4000c clipper
Author: Gordon 
Date:   06-30-14 13:13

I would try to tighten it a little more and see if it holds. If it does not hold please send it back to Premier. It may have a thread problem that we need to look at.

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