Sheep Industry Review

Every 3 months, experts from ASI (American Sheep Industry Association) produce this review for the American Lamb Board. It’s public information that can also be found on ALB’s own website (

It’s long (107 pdf pages) and probably much more information than 95% of you will want. Most folks will scan the pages to get a sense of it.

Industry Review – 2nd quarter of 2012

I particularly liked these pages:

  • pp. 3–5—the executive summary.
  • pp. 64–66—Costs of adding lbs to lambs in the feedlots. Note the high break-even levels.
  • p. 85—Lamb imports have not increased as much as I had expected.
  • pp. 94–95—indicates how much lamb availability has declined over the last 5 yrs (which explains in part why lamb prices rose over the same period).