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ElectroFence™ & ElectroFence™ Plus 11/48/12 Electric Netting

  • 11 horizontal strands (10 energized).
  • 48" tall installed.
  • Vertical plastic struts every 12 in.
  • Line posts (built-in) every 12.5 ft.
  • Posts: 0.75" dia.
  • Post spikes (SS): .31" dia., 8" long.
  • Post spikes (DS): .31" dia., 7" long.

Why ElectroFence?

As an upgrade to PermaNet.

ElectroFence™ Plus has posts every 6.8 ft (vs. 12.5 ft for standard ElectroFence). More posts means less sag and a more versatile fence.

Differs from PermaNet

  • An extra "live" horizontal strand.
  • Lowest live strand is only 4" above the soil (vs. 6" for PermaNet).
  • Verticals every 12" (vs. 6").
  • Strutted verticals instead of string. Less likely to sag between posts.

Similar to PermaNet

The same in all other respects (post size, post spacing, height and conductivity).

Common uses

  1. Sites with installation problems for permanent wire fences (hills, rocks, dips, curves, trees, no machine access).
  2. Boundary fences for ponds, orchards, forestry plantations, gardens, cropland.
  3. Boundary fences on leased land. It's easy to remove when the lease ends.
  4. Interim boundary fence until a permanent wire fence is installed.
  5. To protect stored hay or grain supplies.
  6. Sites with soils that shift due to frost or water-table changes and therefore are difficult to maintain high wire tensions.


  • If the fence is near trees, check the fence after high winds for fallen branches. (This should be done with all fences.)
  • Weeds must be controlled during the growing season. Spray a strip (8 in. wide) of herbicide along the net. The other option is to mow and move it monthly. If you're not willing to do this, don't buy ElectroFence.
  • Monitor the voltage levels. It should be 2000 volts if the soil is moist and 3500 volts if the soil is dry.
  • Check posts from time to time. For posts that become loose or leaning in the soil (can occur in wet clay soils when wind blows the fence back and forth)--lift, move over 1 in. and reinsert.

To install

The “unroll and then unfold” process is the same for all electrified nets. Extra line posts are not necessary, but support posts (steel T posts or large fiberglass rods work well) will be needed as anchors at ends, at angles of 45º or more and at 90º corners. Use non-conductive string or rope to tie it to steel T posts—steel posts must never touch the netting!

Free Shipping on qualified orders over $100.

Keeps in: sheep, goats, pigs and cattle
Keeps out: bears, coyotes and dogs.

NOTE: Dry conditions and wintertime usages—may reduce the effectiveness of electric fencing.

Listed below are the recommended components that might be needed to build this basic fence. (Some fence components have multiple choices.) Your particular situation may require alternative recommendations. If so, please call and talk to a fence consultant at 800-282-6631.

204500 ElectroFence™ 11/48/12 (48" x 100' b/w roll), single spike In Stock 15.0 $137.00
204501 ElectroFence™ 11/48/12 (48" x 50' b/w roll), single spike In Stock 8.2 $111.00
204515 Pos/Neg ElectroFence™ 11/48/12 (48" x 100' b/w roll), single spike In Stock 15.9 $156.00
204510 ElectroFence™ 11/48/12 (48" x 100' b/w roll), double spike In Stock 18.0 $148.00
204511 ElectroFence™ 11/48/12 (48" x 50' b/w roll), double spike In Stock 9.7 $122.00
204520 ElectroFence™ Plus 11/48/12 (48" x 100' b/w roll), double spike In Stock 23.0 $175.00
204521 ElectroFence™ Plus 11/48/12 (48" x 50' b/w roll), double spike In Stock 12.0 $137.00
340150 HotGate® Handle Kit In Stock 0.6 $11.85
114020 Premier PRS 50 Solar Energizer In Stock 0.0 $277.00
114023 Premier PRS 50 Solar Energizer Kit In Stock 0.0 $288.85
115110 Kube 4000 (110v AC Plug-In) Energizer Back-ordered
Expected on 05/06/2014
4.2 $148.00
117310 IntelliShock 20B Battery Energizer While supplies last! 0.0 $180.00
201975 Patriot P5 (Plug-In) Energizer Kit In Stock 0.0 $139.55
201977 Patriot P5 (Battery) Energizer Kit In Stock 0.0 $118.25
121500 EzePower Alkaline, 9 volt Battery, 165 AH Back-ordered
Expected on 05/06/2014
6.0 $50.00
151200 Ground Rod and/or Connecting Pin, 3 ft In Stock 2.1 $5.15
335500 PowerLink™ 4.0, 30" long In Stock 0.2 $4.50
208055 FiberTuff™ Post, 48" tall, 22mm dia In Stock 2.0 $4.75
320830 PowerPost, gray, 48 in., (9 clips) In Stock 1.1 $4.80
321981 SmoothCote™ FiberRod Post, 6 ft (11/16 in. dia.) In Stock 2.1 $7.65
134100 5 Light Fence Tester In Stock 0.2 $11.85
346000 Warning Sign In Stock 0.1 $0.97